I uploaded the following versions of Digital/Compaq/HP Tru64 UNIX:

- 4.0B
- 4.0D
- 4.0E
- 4.0F
- 5.1
- 5.1A
- 5.1B
- 5.2


  • Were these from disks you dumped yourself?

    According to wikipedia, there was no "5.2", what is that supposed to be?
  • I dump it by myself. I have the disks with me. I used to work for Compaq/HP and, from time to time, I had those CDs delivered as part of my work. I am tiding up my place and I found it.
  • SomeGuy wrote:
    According to wikipedia, there was no "5.2", what is that supposed to be?

    Indeed. After Patchkit 4 for V5.1B, HP started 'naming' the subsequent patched o/s version with a -N suffix. Thus V5.1B with Patchkit 5 became V5.1B-3, with kit 6 V5.1B-4 and so on. Internally, it was said that one of those whould have been the jump to V5.2, but, marketing at HP dictated that the version must not change, otherwise customers would think the o/s was still being developed and delay switching to Itanium or HP-UX.

    BTW what happened to the V5.1A upload ?

  • The 4.0F needs a reupload, It included quite a big patch for newer systems over 4.0E apparently, since 4.0E is the version before anything that will work on many of the systems that were released around 2000.
  • How to make the 5.1B iso bootable on a DEC Multia (UDB) system ?

  • Is there any chance you could upload the OS for Tru64 UNIX 4.0F version? I have a very big hardware dependency on that particular version.

    Furthermore, I would have tried to install the 5.0 version, but the iso must be corrupted (unsupported format, can't mount). While the iso file of 5.1B version is not bootable and has no info how to install the OS using the files contained in the /ALPHA/BASE directory.

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