[REQUEST] Windows CE 2.12 Platform Builder

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I'm not sure if the Windows CE 2.12 Platform Builder was ever available in the same format as the WCE 2.11 PB that you guys host. I'm interested in building the needed project files to boot the full OS on Sega Dreamcast, as 2.11+ supports the SH4 CPU (potentially earlier versions as well), and there is a custom "Platform Builder" for running Windows CE on Sega Dreamcast developed by Microsoft. I've been making progress with WCE 2.11 PB, but the SDC SDK uses 2.12, having it would minimize the possibility of an earlier version causing issues with booting

If there's people here into tracking that stuff down, it would be nice to see it available on Winworld at some point

Any earlier versions of Windows CE prior to 2.11 would be nice to see available as well. You guys don't have too much WCE other than 2.11 PB

Hopefully my post is in accordance to the rules



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