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Hey guys so I'm pretty depressed today and I had an individual in #winboards (see my signature) drill me on why even though it was ever so plainly obvious! So I figured I'll just cut to the chase on the new style of Administration.


This is the new method of Administration that involves the WinWorld Golden Swamp™. This consists of your supreme leader, Me, along with my group of cronies, Duff, SomeGuy and ka0s. Us, as the WinWorld Golden Swamp™, can say and do whatever we want, without any question from peons like you.

Border Security:
If we are not fond of you, for any reason, then we no longer need to provide you our resources. We have a serious problem with the undesirables and by implementing this Virtual Border Wall™ which will keep them out of downloads which are for TRUE WINBOARDRZZZZ UZRS ONLY!!!!11onzomg We don't want moochers takkng our downloadz.

The MAGALock™:
The MAGALock™ is a heavy duty mega lock that will be used in full fierce force when we lock threads going forward. It looks like this:

So uh, let's just be real. The ads make money. The ads make *me* money. And instead of investing in any additional infrastructure I will be rewarding my hard efforts into this site by taking the money and putting it into Disneyland passes. You're welcome. I think they are here to stay now, they are no longer delivering malware. Most of the ones I have encountered are SFW. If you have a problem with one or two stupid dating ones coming in that are otherwise harmless, stop being a prude, because you probably voted for one.

3am angry hateful announcements
Expect these on a regular basis. In 128 characters or less.


Welcome to the next 4 years kids.

And of course, you guessed it. As the lowly peon, your opinions on this new policy is completely irrelevant and unwelcome! And that means....
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