Windows 98 keys vague

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Friend ran into an issue setting up Japanese Retail Windows 98 SE; as the keys on the page didn't work. The two keys on the page are ambiguous if they're for OEM/Retail; I believe the keys are cross-language, however.


  • I am going to re-style the downloads table in the near future and the mirrors page, so that the description field will be more accessible.

    We should start using that going forward to do DL specific serials and eliminate the vague chart stuff.
  • In my opinion the serials thread should be disbanded, and people to be allowed to contribute with keys with a page that's kinda like the upload one, but for serial keys.
  • The serials thread is useful for regular users to contribute keys/serials. Ones tested to work can be added to the database later.

    The download page does need a few tweeks. In addition to showing the download notes field, it probably should show the version, language, platform, and media type fields (example "Version 1.00:French:x86-32:CD-ROM") as those are not always part of the download name.

    Also, it might be a good idea to show the actual filename they are about to download, as sometimes the filename also does not exactly match the download Name field.
  • Heck, I've had issues recently with the Win98 SE keys not working at all. I thought such a thing was not ever able to happen, but it obviously can.
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