Aldus Photostyler 2.0

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NOTE: The upload consist of ZIPs of contents of each diskette.

Aldus PhotoStyler 2.0 - November 1993

PhotoStyler 2.0 has a revamped UI, is an order of magnitude faster than
the 1.0 edition, and the option to open only part of an image. It now
includes the Kodak Precision Color Management System for accurate color
matching between devices and features CMYK composite editing. Previews
of actions show the changes made before committing them to the image.

List price: $795.00
Media: The installation consists of 6 diskettes.
Requires: 6Mb RAM, 80 Mb HD space, Windows 3.1 (or Windows 95)
Date: Nov 02, 1993

Aldus PhotoStyler was a software developed by the Taiwanese company Ulead.
The Aldus Prepress group identified the product as a potential acquisition
for Aldus since they did not have an imaging product that could compete
with Adobe Photoshop. The acquisition was completed in 1992 and Aldus
PhotoStyler was launched. The product disappeared from the Adobe product
line after Adobe acquired Aldus in 1994.

It further evolved to Ulead PhotoImpact which was later acquired by Corel


  • Is the photostyler 2 program the FULL edition ??

    Or the Special Edition that is CRIPPED , the free one that came with some scanners.
    I can't use the SP edition

    LOVE the program started with ver 1 then 2.0
    With Different computer HD crashes and power supply burn ups I don't have a working program any more.
    MY 3.5 floppy's 2 of them are corrupted or the file is too weak to read over the many years.

    Thank you for any Help

    Note for any one if you install PHOTO SHOP YOU CAN NOT INSTALL PHOTOSTYLER even if you uninstall Photo Shop
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