Mac OS 9.04 in Sheepshaver on Windows

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WARNING: The following post is a TUTORIAL a tutorial is someone showing you how to do something on, or with something.

Hi! Today, i'm going to show you...
Part 1: What you need:

Sheepshaver, (with GUI, SDL.dll, etc, select “To get started, always download this”) Go to Sheepshaver On windows for this download. (GO TO EMACULATION.COM)
GTK 2+ Runtime, Go to sheepshaver on windows and click on GTK 2+. If it does say it will harm your computer, ignore the message. (GO TO EMACULATION.COM)
Mac OS 9.0.4.iso ISO on the internet ( is a good website) :mrgreen:
New World ROM, Link:
Once you get all the links, Let's start!

Part 2:
Configuring up Mac OS 9.0.4 in the GUI

1. Extract all the files and put them in the sheepshaver folder, also download the GTK runtime as well
2. Rename the ROM to Mac OS ROM (Letters, capitals, and spaces are CASE SENSITIVE! Rename to the ROM name above, and make sure you get rid of the extension .rom)
4. Enable your CD-DVD ROM Drive, it should be drive E:\
5. Enable My Computer so you can access your windows files on a mac (Pretty cool that you can do that huh?)
6. Create a hard drive, name it whatever you want I named mine Mac OS 9.0.4 make sure you add the extension .hfv, Recommended size is 500MB, but I will put up to 1000MB (1GB), and click OK, it will take 3-30 seconds to create, depending on the speed of the computer
7. Click Add, and add the ISO
8. Go to Graphics/Sound and select the following:
Window: Window
Windows Refresh Rate: Dynamic
Length x Width (L x W): Whatever size can work (Recommended: 800x600).
9. Go to Memory/Misc and put the RAM to 512MB, and check "Ignore Illegal Memory Accesses"

Part 3:
Booting Up

Click Start (NOTE: You will get an error saying The following file is missing, C:\System32\drivers\cdenable.sys or something like that, ignore that)(I actually checked, IT'S IN THAT FOLDER, IDK WHY IT SAYS IT'S MISSING)
You will get an error saying something that "it only functions on original media." That's because our ISO is a Read, and Write, you need to first exit sheepshaver, (The X won't work so go to Task Manager, find sheepshaver, and click, End Task.)
Go to the ISO, Properties, and select "Read-Only".
Then go to the GUI, click start, ignore the error, and THIS TIME, it will boot up, you will get a CD background, and you will boot up into Mac OS 9.
Now it's time for the fun part.

Part 4:

(The following you must pay attention carefully to make sure it installs. Press Continue/Select/Agree/Start after you complete the each step from the installer.)
1. You will get a screen saying that the disk is unreadable, name it to whatever and make sure it's selected as Standard, make sure you select Initialize, and Continue.
2. A setup folder will pop up, select Mac OS 9 Install
3. Select Mac OS 9, or whatever you named your disk as your destination.
4. You can read the "Before You Install" if you like.
5. Accept the agreement
6. You can customize your installation, but i recommend you keep the recommended stuff for installing, then, Click Start.
7. Installing for Mac OS 9 will take 4-30 minutes depending on the speed of your computer.
8. Once the installation is done, select Quit, and then restart.

Part 5:
Setup Part 2

1. Close the Mac OS 9 Disk, and click next from the setup assistant.
2. Select your country's language
3. Type your name, and (optional) what company you work for.
4. Check and see if your date and time is correct, and if you do daylight savings time.
5. Now select your location, most likely, your city that you live in won't be there, so select the city that you live in.
6. We don't want to use simple finder, so click no.
7. Type in a computer name, and a password (optional).
8. After that, your computer (Mac OS 9) will freeze up, so go to task manager, and close out sheepshaver, and start it back up again. (MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE THE ISO FROM THE GUI!!)
9. Mac OS will check the disk because you had to force close it. Once it's done, Click Done.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have installed Mac OS 9.04 in Sheepshaver on Windows!
That's All! Now go have fun with Mac OS 9.04 :)

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