The Print Shop Press Writer 1.0

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Broderbund The Print Shop Press Writer 1.0

Print Shop Press Writer - Broderbund - Retail - Win95 December 14, 1996
This archive consists of the extracted contents of an origianl ISO stored in RAR
format, along with various screen and product shots.

Easily Create Impressive Documents for Home or Office with Instant Success

From the Best-Selling Print Shop software line, The Print Shop Press Writer lets
you easily and quickly create documents for home, business and community. An
intuitive interface, sensational graphics, easy-to-use text editing tools and over
125 QuickStart Layouts give you professional-looking results every time.

It's as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Choose your project. Pick from Newsletters, brochures, Reports, Flyers,
Booklets or Letters & Resumes.

2. Select a predesigned QuickStart Layout or create your own.

3. Enter your text and graphics and print.

So Much at Your Fingertips with Just One Click

QuickStart Layouts Make it easy on yourself. Choose from over 125 professionally
designed QuickStart Layouts with informative text and graphics already in place.
Simply type or import your text, ad your favorite graphic and it's done. Layouts
include multiple column newsletters, 3-fold brochures and more.

Style Sets Instantly change the look and feel of your document anytime you like.
The Style Sets include conplementary type styles and sizes to fit a particular
theme. Change from "Old English" to "Art Deco" and back again to create your world-
class image.

QuickStart Demos Get started right away with these multimedia demos. You'll learn
helpful hints about using all the projects available in The Print Shop Press
Writer. Important information about working with text and graphics gives you the
confidence to start right in.

1000+ Quotable Quotes Inspirational or humorous, classical or seasonal, a famous
quote emphasizes what you have to say. The quote browser helps you quickly search
using keywords or categories sol you'll never be at a loss for words.

Over 5000 Vivid Graphics Use the powerful graphics browser to search by subject or
by keyword for a full size preview of the perfect graphic for your document.
Choose from thousands of clever square, row or column designs.

Lots of Photo Opportunity Add impact and drama to your documents by choosing from
hundreds of beautiful and versatile color photographs.

Free Graphics from The Print Shop Connection With one click, transport yourself
from The Print Shop Press Writer to The Print Shop Connection. It's your Internet
source for free seasonal graphics, special offers, and exciting designer tips.

Special Features For Text

Rotate your text

Wrap your text around graphics

Start text with special drop cap

Import text from all popular word processing software

2-page view option lets you see entire layout

A variety of Paragraph Styles provide a consistent format for every paragraph

Edit your documents using the Spell Check and Thesaurus

Access complete on-screen Help including side-by-side Easy steps

Handy Connect tool flows text from column to column, page to page

Special Features For Graphics

Fully compatible with The Print Shop graphics, including square, row or column

Import your own graphics or photos (JPEG, BMP, TIFF and more)

Resize, flip or align your graphics

Coloring, line and box tools customize your look

Includes full-color graphics reference book

Requirements: Windows 95, 66MHz 486 DX or faster, 8MB RAM (16MB recommended), 35MB
hard disk space, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster, SVGA monitor/display card 640x480, 256
colors, Widnows compatible sound device, modem (optional).

Printer support: works with most po;ular printers (monochrome and color) supported
by Windows.

*System Configuration: May require minor adjustements to the configuration of your
operating system and/or updates to hardware component drivers.

- AppleSeed, 2017 -
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