Windows 3.1 Developement SDK - How to make a program?

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I wanted to make a program in Windows 3.1 for keks, so I got the Windows 3.1 Developement SDK.
I then installed it, and in autoexec.bat I set my path variable to "C:\DOS;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDEV\BIN;C:\WINDEV\INCLUDE;C:\WINDEV\HELP".
I then proceeded to use Windows 3.1's MSDOS-PROMPT feature, and navigated my way to C:\WINDEV\GUIDE\OUTPUT
I copied all of the contents of C:\WINDEV\INCLUDE to C:\WINDEV\BIN and C:\WINDEV\GUIDE\OUTPUT to try silence the "windows.h - file doesn't exist" error or whatever, and it worked! I did silence it!
However, it gives me an IO error when trying to compile the OUTPUT.RC into an exe.

What do I do?
I have verified that C:\TEST.EXE exists, but compiling without it existing and with it existing both fail.




  • The RC program needs the EXE file to exist already.

    I'm assuming your EXE is malformed as it is only 2 bytes long. :)

    Maybe double check for problems in your linker command that produced the EXE?

    Note that the SDK \GUIDE\OUTPUT directory includes a Makefile that you can use with NMAKE (included, for instance, with MS Visual C++), so that you can just run NMAKE with no parameters and it will do all the steps including the RC run.
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