[REQUEST] A whole lot more versions of Mac OSX

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oh yeah, this is actually my first post on the forum. so... yay? i guess


I have used WWPC for a very long time. and recently i have started to want OSX. however. theres only 10, 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3 when there is alot more abandon ware of OSX. 10.9 (mavericks) and below are all discontinued 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and below have had Itunes discontinued. however. Mavericks and Mountain Lion still have lots of users. so maybe could we get 10.4 (Tiger) to 10.7 (Lion) On WWPC?


  • There was some discussion about this a while back. 10.5 is considered too new (plus it would create a problem with idiots creating hackintoshes). 10.4.x was sort of borderline.
  • Considering just how many people STILL use Lion, I would think that those versions are too new. Use Google if you don't mind breaking a few laws.
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    I think WinWorld still doesn't accept 10.4.x at least until 2017.

    First 10.4.1 was in Apr. 2005 (nearly 12 years), but final 10.4.11 was in Nov. 2007. (under 10 years)
    So I don't recommend to request OSX version 10.4.x or later.
  • ibmpc5150 wrote:
    First 10.4.1 was in Apr. 2005 (nearly 12 years), but final 10.4.11 was in Nov. 2017. (under 10 years)
    I think you meant "November 2007". Also to add, support for it ended in September 2009, but that wouldn't make it eligible to be in the library, as there has been numerous discussions whether Tiger should be included or not, the same with Leopard (the PPC version that is).
  • I am giving my authorization for Leopard and Tiger to be placed into the library for PowerPC only (on the Tiger front, anyway). I am not concerned about the Intel image as:

    * We're shipping Vanilla, it's unusable on most PC EFI's
    * 10.5 has no App Store support nor any general support from major applications today.

    Please do not make any requests for any hackintosh related tools or request they be included in our library. This is for your Apple branded hardware only per the original license agreement.
  • I just want to point out that 10.5 has never shipped on separate discs and can be installed on both PPC and Intel, unlike 10.4 whose retail version is PPC-only.

    But honestly, 10.5 is pretty obsolete by today's standards, even for Intel computers. Even 10.6 is, but that's still sold on Apple's website.
  • Ok ok ok. im tired of the thread. im gonna upload Tiger And Leopard. Someone Lock this thread and end my misery
  • @MemeOS

    I think you're egocentric.
    There is no reason to remain those comment on here.
    Also you don't have to waste the time to upload OSX 10.4.x or later on WinWorld.

    Sorry for my mistake, hehehe. Yes, 2007 is correct.
  • ibmpc is correct, you don't need to waste your time to upload here. We already have copies of both. They will be made available in the library when they are made available. I have no timetable, don't ask for one.

    If this thread has caused "misery" for you MemeOS, then I am going to kindly ask you to leave. There's nothing miserable about this thread but if you think so then you're probably not adult enough to participate in our community and you should think about A) correcting that or B) leaving. We do not lock topics upon request so as much as I would love to use my dancing lock, I'm going to go ahead and leave this open.
  • What about the Tiger x86 Development DVDs (10.4.1, 10.4.2 and 10.4.3) that came out in 2005 when Apple announced the Intel switch but before actual Intel Macs came out?

    They are officially only bootable on the Apple Development Transition Kit (DTK), which was mostly a standard PC, but there are of course some protection mechanisms employed there. They have also been leaked and, unsurprisingly, hacked to form as a base for early (2005, predating official Intel Macs) Hackintosh efforts.

    I think they might be worth preserving, in a similar fashion to how development builds of Windows (even comparably new ones like Whistler and Longhorn) are preserved here, especially since the DTK DVDs are extremely hard to find nowadays, not only in the form of original media, but even as "legally dubious" downloads.
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