[Offer] Various CP/M disk images.

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I have CPM 2.2, CPM3 for the Apple //, CPM-86, and CPM-8000

I also have a file for a CPM-like OS that is supposed to run on an IMSAI computer, and is from 1977.

Am I allowed to link a download here? Are you guys interested in CP/M files?


  • Update: CP/M-8000 is the only one I can verify, not sure if the others are original or not.
  • Sure we want to assimilate CP/M titles as well. Although most of what Winworld currently has is DOS/PC based it is really product based, and all ports of any product are usually welcome.

    If it is on another public web site, of course you may link to it. (as long as it is within Winworld criteria, and CP/M stuff is certainly within that)

    We also welcome people testing out and "Verifying" software and discussing the reuslts. With CP/M stuff this can be difficult as there were many incompatible platforms. So if you have such a machine, or a working emulator, that can be quite valuable.

    BTW: Please edit your post when adding information to a recent post instead of making multiple posts.
  • Hi,

    I don't have a machine which could run CP/M, nor do I have an emulator- The oldest laptop in my house is a hp compaq from 2004-2005, my older computer from late 90s broke.

    2 reasons why I don't have a working machine-

    I wasn't alive at the time of CP/M's hayday

    I wouldn't have been able to afford one even if I was alive at the time.

    Also, I don't have the physical disks- I downloaded the files off the web quite some time ago from a website which I have forgotten the name to and I will find it soon.

    Sorry for not responding sooner and making multiple posts-

    I also have COBOL 80 for the CP/M if you are interested in that.

    Here is a download for CP/M 3 and CP/M 8000: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5wnnd47yy ... M+3%29.rar
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