Software Spotlight: Mannequin Designer

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First of all, been kind of busy lately, and there have been many good contributions recently. Thanks to everyone contributing good stuff. So lets take a look at a little niche product for Windows 3.0: Mannequin Designer.


This product is based on the idea that it is sometimes useful to put human forms in to a CAD drawing or other 3d design, but 3d human forms are hard to draw and manipulate.

Mannequin Designer lets you easily place human models from a selection of templates in to a 3d design and position them in a human-like manner.


The templates give you a choice of height, weight, size, gender, and even nationality. Once placed in the editor, you may easily adjust the position of arms, legs, hands, and such.


It is also possible to draw a variety of other simple geometric shapes, and you can import objects from AutoCAD.


The objects may be rendered in the editor as wire frame, silhouette, or shaded.

It also has a tool for creating animations based on the models.

Mannequin Designer was advertised for use in conjunction with desktop publishing, CAD, animators, and other drawing or presentation packages.

Herp derp, so what else can we do with it?


LOL. :lol: Well, ohkay then.

A DOS version with more features and a focus on ergonomics, was sold under the name "Mannequin".

Surprisingly, a greatly enhanced form of this software is still around, and used in the field of ergonomics:

So all and all, a rather unique niche product.


  • Hahaha, thanks for posting nice software spotlight with interesting (?) shot.
  • Looks pretty good, even for the year it was released. Could maybe play about with this myself sometime, just to see if I really can do some 3D modelling, haha :P
  • hmmm. I never would have given that software a second look. Now that you highlighted it, I can see it could be very useful. Even though the polygons are coarse, they manage to convey where all the roundy and pointy bits belong.


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