Windows 1.0 Developer Release 5 (DR5) (TUTORIAL)

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Hi! Today I'm going to show you:


What you need: (Most will be down below!)

PCem 0.5:
Generic XT BIOS ROM:
MS-DOS 2.11 (AT&T Version): Winworld
Windows 1.0 DR5 Floppy Disks {2 Floppy Disks}: Winworld
File Extractor: (I recommend 7-zip)
Some amount of space
A Windows Computer

Let's Start!

Part 1: Setting up PCem, and MS-DOS

1.1 Extract all the files into a location where it is easy to get.
1.2 Put the ROM (pcxt.rom) in the folder: Yourfolderlocation\roms\genxt and put the ROM in there.
1.3 Startup PCem

Part 2: The Configs

2.1 Go to Disc -> Configure Discs, and there should be a 7-8MB HDD created
2.2 Put in the 1st disk of 2.11, and press any key. (REBOOT IF IT DOESN'T LOAD)
2.3 Run FDISK, choose 1 both times, and press enter. (IF THERE IS ALREADY A DISK, RESET PCem)
2.4 Run FORMAT C: and press Y, and any key.
2.5 Type SYS C:
2.6 Type COPY *.* C:\*.*
2.7 Eject Drive A: Disc -> Eject Drive A: then click Reset. (MAKE SURE THE DOS 2.11 DISK IS IN!!!)

Part 3: Installation

3.1. Put in the 1st DR5 disk Disk -> Change Drive A:
3.3 Type INSTALL
3.4. It will go over 4 prompts, type any key to continue on
3.5. Once it says "Reading Disk (1 of 3) in Drive A: (Windows 1.0 Release #5)" make sure Disk 1 is in, MAKE SURE YOU PRESS CTRL-END, OTHERWISE IT WILL SAY TO CONTINUE FOR DISKS 2-3!!!!!!!
3.6. Repeat Step 5, but put in Disk #2
3.7. Repeat Step 5, but put in Disk #3
3.8. Press any key for the last prompts
3.9. Eject Drive A: and Reboot

Part 4: The Fun Part

4.1. Type PATH C:\windows\bin
4.2. Type CD C:\windows\test
4.3. Type MSWIN

CONGRATULATIONS! You have sucessfully gone through and hoping that it booted up!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Any Questions? Ask Me!
That's All! More Tutorials Coming Soon!


  • Nice instructions.
    I have been using PCem since 2014 (Pcem v8.0) and I am now using PCem v12.
    I never used PCem 0.5 before.

    I downloaded PCem0.5 and followed your instructions. I configured GENXT for 8086 16 MHz
    and Windows 1.0 DR5 installed ok.

    It is not very usable in GenXT. It was difficult to just move the mouse arrow (stuttered badly).
    I copied the bios files for IBMAT and tried to configure, but I could not get the IBMAT
    setup in PCem0.5.

    So I copied the hdc.img from PCem0.5 to PCem12, where I did have IBM AT (8 MHz) configured.
    What a difference. The mouse moved smoothly and I tried a couple games.
    Puzzle.exe played well.
    Reversi.exe also played well
    That's all I tried. Not hard to see why Windows 1 was not very popular.

    PCem0.5 is notable for me in that GENXT configures and boots from A: or C: (although it would not boot KQ1 self-booter).
    I have never been able to get GENXT (or IBMXT) to boot from C: in PCem12.
    Good reason to keep several versions available.
  • Yea, the mouse is pretty bad on genxt, but, at least it's still usable
  • I followed your instructions and it installed OK.

    The mouse is smooth, though.

  • can i have the vmdk file cause dos 2.11 does not wanna work for me :(

  • Link Doesn't work

    The link doesn't exist anymore.

  • You don't need the links. Download the latest version.
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    @SomeGuy Is it installable in pcem v17 then?
  • edited October 2022
    The installation instructions for PCem are here on the Windows 1.0 DR 5 page.
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