NT 3.51 Server

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I don't know if the server for the NT downloads is back up or not, but does anyone know where I can download NT 3.1 Server? Thanks!


  • 3.1 or 3.51?


    PS. The servers back up.
  • Ohh I meant 3.51. Thanks. I plan to DL it soon. BTW Is that bootable, or do i need a bootdisk?


  • It's just the i386 folder. You might want to wait, we're going to get the NT 3.51 Svr complete CD soon.

  • I tink that complete CD will be VERY large, like normal ISO's!
  • when you get the full CD, can you tell me, cuz i have been looking for a full NT3.51 server CD. But the I386 folder will do just fine now that is.
  • The only thing why I need a complete CD is to find out is it possible to make NT 3.51 Boot CD. I tried that, but no chance.
  • hmmm, how big will NT3.51 full CD be when it is RARed?
  • I don't know, the contributor is going to RAR it into volumes and send it to me. When I get them and unpack them I'll post the info.

  • Hope it'll be soon!
  • Well, Q, I'd say RAR each folder like i386, PPC, Alpha. Incase someone that wants JUST the i386.
  • ah, PPC and Alpha are included too!
  • On the full CD, I say just keep the i386 folder and then the full ISO. So the i386'ers use the smaller download and all the RISC based people gotta get the full ISO
  • yeah, that exactly what i wanted to say.
  • LOL, fuck the other people. Us i386'er get the smaller file.
  • You could just use the i386 directory and use a DOS bootdisk and run the WINNT /B command.
  • i just chceked the full rared ISO.

    it's 170MB
  • Whats on there besides the setup files?

    I know NT 4.0 server CD has all thjis shit, Windows 95 setup files, network clients for DOS/Win31/OS2, Frontpage 1.0, and alot of other shit
  • alpha, mips, ppc, risc i386, and aload of other stuff ill check in a min...
  • I know that theres the i86, RISC, PPC, MIPS, etc
  • When're you going to get that up?

  • today if all goes well
  • YAY! This will be GREAT!! I can't wait to download it to add to my collection of OSs! I gotta find a computer to put it on..... I'll just use VPC.
  • Excellent! I'll be waiting when all though Calc for it!

  • YAY! It is up! I am downloading it!

    Hmmm, gotta make a deal with my parents so I can stay online for 10 hours straight!
  • I think trying some OS on a virtual machine is not enough. So if it's possible, I always install it on a real PC.
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