[Offer] Any Programs / Utility / Drivers by AST Research

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This thread is for offer any Programs / Utility / Drivers by AST Research.

*AST Advanced Diagnostics Release 2.23 (3.5")

Content : 1 Disk Image (3.5" 1.44MB)

SHA1:3d568503b8761a233b6aef32bf6e81179bfc035c / Disk 1


  • Well, I have a VHD I made of the factory install of Windows 95 RTM on an AST Ascentia J20, although that isn't a clean install, but I think it was last used in 2002.

    From what I remember, that was a laptop I found in the trash many years ago and its Ni-Mh backup battery leaked and corroded its mainboard to the point where it no longer booted.

    Not sure if that counts although I could edit the VHD to remove the programs I think had been installed by the user later on.
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