Millennium - Return to Earth, IBM Tandy, CGA only

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I have the Game Millennium 2.2 - Return to Earth Original. Its a IBM Tandy, CGA only ersion. The game has a Copy Protection on disk. I think Rob Northern copy Protection.
I need help to create from this disk an image so it also run in dos box etc.

Does anyone know a program that creates a 1 to 1 copy from this disk?

1 disk, 5.25 format.

Sorry for my english, German user.


  • Hmm, I've never heard that it has disk copy protection.

    I guess your version is Millennium 2-2 (released in 1989?) ... -cover.jpg

    I also have USA release of it, but no disk copy protection.
    Of course disk is verified with both 5.25" and 3.5"

    Anyway you can dump it by Kryoflux or SCP because of disk copy protection.

    To run copy protected game disk, I recommend to use PCE emulator.
  • Thanks for your answer. The Mobygames Cover is from me :)

    When i insert the disk i have no acces to the disk. The Manual say: To play the game type run.exe.

    Today I created a dump with teledisk. When i read the file with an hexeditor (Notepad++ with hexeditor plugin) the first i read:

    ©1989 S.Sotoodeh

    I load the teledisk (*.TD0)image in winimage and i see the directory but i cant extract the files. When i mount the image with imdisk windows want format the disk. I have no acces to the directory.....

    Since I have no pure msdos pc I can not test this under original operating, so I have under msdos access to the drive. I use to dump the disk an old P3, 1ghz with windows xp pro and  3.25 and teac fd-55gfr 5.25 ......

    Kyroflux I look and I test the pce Emulator.
  • Winimage can't dump non-standard track/sector.
    Also FDC handle via INT-13 is different from DOS on Windows.

    I don't recommend to use Winimage if disk has copy protection or bad sector.
    (Winimage doesn't support or recognize Teledisk image format.)

    Teledisk can dump a few of copy protected track, but limited.

    It is impossible to extract files from .TD0 image directly.
    You can use .TD0 image on PCE or PCEM emulator.

    I want to know where track and sector is copy protected.

    Here is "A comparison of current disk archival tools" from SomeGuy.

  • @Independent

    This game seems to have copy protection of "Cop's Copylock II".

    It is copied with TC / Kryoflux / SCP.
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