Best way to download ALL updates for Win 95/98/2000?

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Heya, new user here :)

What's the best way to get ALL updates for Windows 95/98/2000 for later use without actually downloading them from said systems? I want to be able to simply update these systems without constantly having to re-download all updates and wait for a few hours.

Now, for Windows XP I already found an old version of WSUS Offline which seems to work, also found one for 2000 but I haven't tested it yet. But for 95 and 98 there doesn't appear to be such a nice little tool anymore.

Thanks already for the help and sorry if this was asked already somewhere, I searched quite a bit on Google but all I found were almost always over 15 year old forum entries with dead links.


  • When you say WSUS Offline, was that an archive that included the final XP update files, or just the WSUS Offline update program and it was still able to download the updates from MS?

    The problem with 9x updates is that many "updates" should only be installed in certain circumstances, such as to support specific pieces of hardware. I seem to recall a custom 98 "rollup" update floating around, but I don't recall such a thing for 95.
  • @SomeGuy - WSUS Offline stands for Windows Server Update Service Offline. In other words it downloads every single update for an operating system (not just server operating systems but also regular Windows as well) and lets you install them at a later date.

    @EpicLPer - You don't actually need WSUS Offline for Windows XP. Someone by the name of "harkaz" created something called Windows XP Unoffical Service Pack 4, which combines every update for Windows XP since Service Pack 2 (yes, SP2 not SP3). However if you use any 64-bit version of Windows XP, then the pack doesn't work.

    I couldn't find anything for Windows 2000 so hopefully whatever you found works. Apparently the update site for Windows 2000 is still up anyway, but I've not tested that.

    As SomeGuy explained, most updates for Windows 95 are for specific hardware only. The only time, IIRC, that Microsoft released a general update for Windows 95 was Windows 95 Service Pack 1, but if you installed any of the OSR releases of Windows 95 then you already have it (OSR1 was literally just Windows 95 + SP1). For Windows 98 Second Edition you'll want this unofficial service pack. It bundles all the official updates and some extras but you can untick those:

    If for whatever reason you use the Standard Edition (or "First Edition", whatever you call it) of Windows 98, you'll want this. Same deal but for the old Windows 98: ... rsion-258/

    While we're discussing Windows 9x update packs, might as well include one for Windows Me as well, because why not (might make Windows Me better :lol: )?

    More useful updates and things can be found here:
  • For Windows 2000 I recommend this video It shows how to get Windows 2000 all the way updated and how to install modern software. As for 95 and 98...I don't know what to tell you.
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