Help on old HD.

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I've got an old HD in a computer. When I turn it on, it refuses to either spin up, or it's heads to work, I'm not sure which. Any ideas?



  • is it getiing power?
  • Yea, I can see the activity light blink alot.

  • Is it clean? There might be some diust or debree in it stopping it from running correctly.
  • Maybe it's just aged?
  • yeh, i got loads of old hd. most of them don't even work
  • try tapping it gently sometimes the arm gets stuck and the drive won't spin up
  • I've tried whacking my Mac and it doesn't seem to work...

  • take the drive apart.....
  • BOD wrote:
    take the drive apart.....

    Considering that I haven't the means to get the machine apart...

  • angle grinder!
  • I once repaired a 500mb drive by whacking the drive, in order to get the heads loose. It works most of the times.
  • its how i fixed my laptop yesterday...
  • I havent had a hdd fail on me in a while, and when one does, its usually a 1gb or 2gb and thats when i chuck that one to the trash and grab a new one out of the closet.

    No good hdds have ever failed on me.
  • the ones that fail for me already have thousands of bad sectors and years old anyways...
  • LOL, I never had one fail. I have a 20GB that failed SMART tests in the BIOS and thousands of bad cluters
  • Might have to do what i've done plenty of times in the past. Take off the front cover and jumpstart the drive by spinning the platters, use a dustfree cloth though.
  • or tap it on the edge of the platter with something.
  • if you take it apart you might find something is loose.
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