MS Lan Manager 2.1 for OS/2 would be of great value

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A successful installation of SMB/CIFS network in VirtualBox VM's running (MS or IBM) OS/2 1.10, 1.20 and 1.30.x is possible with the installation of MS Lan Manager for OS/2 version 2.1 and drivers from AMD PCnet Software Release Release 3.1, package ETHERTE1.ZIP, available in So one copy of MS Lan Manager 2.1 for OS/2 would be of great value.

Microsoft OS2 LAN Manager 2.0 Server - ... 5400B25447 - is complete with server and client components, but fails with PCnet drivers installation.

Microsoft OS2 LAN Manager 2.2b Update - ... 5400B25447 - is only patch to LAN Manager 2.2. It is useless if we do not have the full 2.2 version previously installed.

Microsoft OS2 LAN Manager 2.2c Workstation - ... 5400B25447 - is only the client component


  • Moved to offers/requests. I would like to see this too. Added wanted item to the release page. Also marked the update as an upgrade.
  • @rfs37: Try installing various versions of Microsoft OS/2 1.3/1.30.1 from the library. I think that at least some of them should be actually OS/2 and Lan Manager bundled together.
  • Microsoft really sold 1.30.1 together with LAN Manager 2.x with the name Microsoft OS/2 1.30.1 Server, but unfortunately all versions here, english, french and german, are not complete. The twelve disks of Lan Manager are missing.

    As I can see in os2museum...

    MS LAN Manager 2.1 came on 12 floppies and contained the following components:

    OS/2 LAN Manager Server
    OS/2 LAN Manager Workstation (or Requester in IBM parlance)
    DOS LAN Manager client software
    HPFS386 filesystem for OS/2
    Novell NetWare interoperability tools
    DOS and OS/2 Drivers for a number of NICs
  • If I'm not mistaken, version 1.30.1 Server came with version 2.2 of Lan Manager (the last). This version would also be of great value!
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