It's here!

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The guy came today, early thirty's, into this stuff as well as he complimented me on my Mac SE, My Toshiba T2100, and my Thinkpad.

I tested it out, and it works. I played Canyon.Mid.

I am currently downloading the drivers for the ATI Mach64 video card from Vogons. Installing those, and then tomorrow I will be trying to swap the harddrive with that from the T2100, if it is IDE because this has a flash card as a drive, I will also try to get the modem working.

But for now here it is, playing "Portrait of An American Family" by Marilyn Manson (1994 - period appropriate) with SJGplayer, a DOS CD PLayer.



  • installed the drivers, they work!
  • so it turns out getting a proper form the era, IDE hard drive, may be harder than it looks, but I'll do it eventually.

    for now, I will have to reformat, and reinstall with my own settings on the flash hard drive.

    I assume there's a way of copying files from a flash card to a CD and then back again?
  • formatted the hard disk, installed ms-dos 6.22, now installing Windows 3.1, on Windows 3.1 Disk #3 now.
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