Windows 3.1/3.11WFW compatible modems.

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So, now that I have got the desktop machine, my issue with sound, and and the optical drive are solved.

The only thing that is missing is a modem. I am having trouble finding modems out there on the internet that are compatible with Windows 3.1x.

The machine only has one serial port, and that is occupied by the mouse.

I need either a comaptible:

- Internal Modem (preferably ISA but PCI would work as well)
- An ISA or PCI card that would give me more serial ports, and a compatible external modem.

Because of where I live, out of town, on my other machines I always connect at 26400bps, so a 28.8k or 33.6k modem would be perfectly fine, no need for a 56k as it wasn't around then, and I can't take advantage of it anyways,


  • PCI modems aren't likely to be compatible with Windows 3.1. And PCI almost always means a complete crap lobotomized "Winmodem".

    What you want for a desktop machine, is either a nice external RS232 Serial modem (any brand of 28.8 - 56k should work fine), or a better quality ISA card - i would probably look for a US Robotics brand.
  • I have a US Robotics Sportser 0460 but I don't have jumpers to set the COM ports and IRQ.

    Anyone know where to buy jumpers?
  • eBay. Just don't pay too much, sometimes sellers want outrageous prices for a little bit of nothing.
  • Just checked ebay, a lot of the cards are reasonably priced, usually under $20. but the shipping is where they get you.

    most are like $50 for shipping, even from the US to Canada, shipping a card like that, is not actually worth $50.
  • This seems to have a reasonable price and shipping.

    Would this work? ... 2629079639

    I'm guessing that red thing with 12345678 replaces the jumpers?
  • I have no clue what that red thing with the numbers is. It's possible this one on eBay isn't set properly either. If it is, I guess it's a good deal, I don't know anything about Canadian money. I meant more along the lines of jumpers. Jumpers should be relatively cheap.
  • I'm guessing that red thing with 12345678 replaces the jumpers?

    They're called DIP switches:
  • just bought the card.
  • did some research and the card I just bought is 14.4k and from 1994.

    So I assume it should work with WIndows 3.1 or WFW.
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