Turbo Buttons

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so my AMD486 Machine has a turbo button it, in between the Reset and the Power Button.

It has a display, and the green light is on when the machine is on, and the red light is on when the hard drive is being written/read.

However, pushing the turbo button doesn't do anything, the light for the turbo button does not turn on, and the display panel does not display the processors speed.

When I opened the box to clean it up, it looks like all the cables are connected to all the buttons, and to the motherboard, is there something extra needed to get turbo buttons working, like maybe a special connector near the processor socket?


  • LGR has a video about [this](https://youtu.be/p2q02Bxtqds).

    TL;DR Turbo Button is an underclock button for the CPU.

    Also: That lock on the case is covered in this [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0zZqHOZq7M)
  • I know, I watched that video, I know what they do.

    I'm saying mine doesn't seem to be working even though the cables seem to be connected just fine to the motherboard.
  • Could be a bad connection, a broken switch or a cable that needs replacing. I don't really know about turbo buttons, but it's always best to rule out the simplest hardware problems first.
  • if it is something like that, and not just being hooked in wrong, I won't bother fixing it, as it's not necessary for the computer to function, it'd just be cool to get it working and get the speed displayed on the LED.
  • It is with great sadness that I must announce the death of my Turbo button, while working on it, the button itself got stuck, and I cannot seem to get it properly unstuck.

    While testing I didn't see any smoke coming or anything when I was pushing it previous to it getting stuck, but none the less, I have disconnected the "Turbo SW" wire and only left the "Turbo LED" wire connected to light up that small circle beside where it says "turbo".

    R.I.P Turbo Button.

    P.S: I guess "R.I.P Turbo Button" is better than "R.I.P Motherboard"...
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