This makes no sense.

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So, I got information about my motherboard here: ... s486ef.htm

The picture does look exactly like my motherboard, but this page seems to omit the Power LED, ... s486ef.htm

and when I hooked the cables up in the order it says, nothing happens or works except for the power button.

through trial and error, I got the power led in the right place, the HDD in the right place, and the reset in the right place, however, I cannot seem to get the turbo switch in the right place, or the turbo LED.

The configuration seems different than it says.

Anyone have any idea what could be "up"?

P.S: I'm not going to connect the cable for the keylock, as I do not have the keys, so yeah, thats one thing I do not want to get working, just to be safe, in case the locking mechanism moves somehow...
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