Tracking Down My Motherboard.

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So, it seems my motherboard isn't what the seller thinks it was.

I used some utilities and found the following info out, I am googling too, and have googled previously but not found much, any help would be appreciated:

Chipset Info: 85C496/497 486 PCI Chipset

BIOS DATE: 03/14/96

Award Modular BIOS V4.50G

Award ID-String: 03/14/96-SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBL13C-00

Board/BIOS-Version: 96/3/14


Chipset: SiS-496-497/A/B //SiS 496/497


  • I thought I'd ask here,

    If I want to switch hard drives down the road, will can I just format the new drive and then do

    copy c:\*.* f:\

    where f represents the new hard drive, or the slave drive which will be then re-connected as the master and only hard drive?
  • Do you mean that you want to copy the hard disk with the COPY command and want the new drive to boot? The files will copy but typically fails to boot, especially with older OSes. With DOS, all you have to do is SYS the drive with a boot diskette. Unsure about Win3.xx, but with Win9x you have to reinstall from the system disc or diskette set.

    Try using a modern disk cloning program like HDClone. Hook the drives up to your main PC and copy the smaller disk to the larger disk.

    EDIT: I haven't tried the disk cloning method with a system that old, but it should work.
  • I have to make an announcement!

    Through some more trial and error, I seem to have figured it out! Everything works now!

    The processor speed still doesn't display, but that because it seems it is missing the display itself behind the plastic windows.



    You may not see the red HDD light, but I can assure you it works, it is only lit up when there is activity with he hard disk (reading, writing).

    Now, does anyone know any program for DOS or Win 3.1x that would monitor processor speed in real time so I could see just how much the turbo button slows this down, or which position is
    "off" and which position is "on"?
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