Do you know about existing WinWorldPC FTP Server?
I uploaded Server 2008,but i don't have username and password to normal FTP Servers


  • wdl1,wdl2,wdl3 was mirrors FTP or not?
  • @DawidPracki007


    WinWorldPC doesn't accept to upload Windows XP (Windows Server 2003) or later version.
    Of course Server 2008 is Not allowed.
    (I recommend not to waste time for you to upload (contribute) Windows Server 2008 to WW.)

    FTP server is for contribution (upload) only, no downloadable via ftp.

    User ID and Password are given temporarily when you upload (contribute) files to WW ftp server.
  • what a pity :(
  • what a pity :(

    Why pity? It's a very sensible policy. If this site distributed modern (non-abandonware) software, it would be shut down by the authorities long ago.
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