Windows CE6R3 Issues

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So I have a Windows CE6 R3 iso disk, but when I ran it in VirtualBox, it gave me the no bootable mediums error. Is there some process into installing CE6? I would like to know. Should I install it on top of another os like DOS and 3.1?

(If any of you want the disk I will be glad to give it away)


  • First make sure that the CD drive is set as the main boot device, I see that problem a lot. If that doesn't fix it, I'd try installing over Win9x or WinNT5.0, seeing how new this version of CE is.

    There have been a few threads requesting CE, what is the appeal to this OS?
  • Do i have to (somehow) pay for shipping if i want the disc?Also, Make sure you burned the image with something like imgbrn,not just copying the iso,
    as that will just be a file on the disc instead of the whole disc file set.thing.


    if all else fails make sure WCE6 did NOT come with a boot disk!
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