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I have gotten a mid2010 macbook pro. It's power adapter voltage is 16.5 volts and 3.5 amps. But i didn't get the power supply and i do have the power cord from the macbook to the power adapter. I have a choice of 3 power adapter i can use from old laptops i have. One has a output of 15.9 volts and 3.6 amps and the outer one puts out 19 volts and 2 amps and the last one is a universal ac adapter for laptops and i can pick voltage from 15 volts to 24 volts by a switch and lock it to that voltage and it puts out up to 6 amps. I just don't want to burn up the macbook. I don't have the money right now to get a power supply off ebay. I was think about putting a jack at the end of the power card for the macbook and plugin the universal adapter and setting to 16.5 volts. Does anyone have on what ones you would go with. This is only temporary until i get enough money to buy the right power adapter and my wife's ok to get it. that's going to be a so time since i paid $200.00 for this. Thanks for the help i get.


  • But i didn't get the power supply and i do have the power cord from the macbook to the power adapter.

    Assuming that means you have the magsafe connector and you're just going to try to splice it onto one of the power bricks you have, I'd probably go with the 15.9v at 3.6a one presuming it's not some generic chinese brick. I think it would be more than close enough to work temporarily.

    Also, I'd probably chuck that universal one you have or possibly use it for ultra cheap laptops at the very most. Those things are usually built extremely poor with as little shielding as possible, universal bricks as well as any generic chinese brick can cause quite a bit of RFI depending on how many corners they cut.
  • I have the magsafe connector part. The 15.9 volt 3.6amp came from a ibm thinkpad from the late 90's. I know the macbook battery is 12 volts and i can get a car adapter for it that plugs in the lighter or power port. Thanks for the help.
  • I don't know how much I'd risk the life of a MacBook like this. I would just get a super cheap MagSafe power adapter from Amazon like I did one time. The thing works fine.
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