[REQ] Microsoft Conference Server, Microsft Commercial servs

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Some... interesting looking articles I found. First one is about the Conference Server's Internet Chat Server (using "MIC" as a protocol and client, appears to be an IRC superset?) and the second one is about Microsoft's commercial server suite, including again, an MIC server/client, in the context of MSN's infrastructure circa 1997.



edit: Interesting MS resources for betas of it?: https://web-beta.archive.org/web/199702 ... rmandy.com

It looks like a lot of this got mulched - the news server might have become Exchange or IIS', the IRCd became Exchange's, and so on.


  • Just finished uploading parts of Normandy. Information Retrieval System Beta 3, Beta 3a and MCIS Mail Server (Non-Sql version) beta 1.

    We used the search system for a couple of years to make our own search engine.

    There is a time limit built into the beta. We used to have a hacked file to fool the countdown, but don't have it anymore.
  • I'm particularly interested in the Conference Server, for the Internet Chat (MIC) server and client - having these will be nice though. Me or some other staff will process it sooner or later. Thanks!
  • Did some more digging, and turns out I had the full release version of MCIS. Uploading now:

    What's in MCIS?

    This release of MCIS includes the following components:

    Commercial Internet System Mail Server (Mail)
    Commercial Internet System News Server (News)
    Content Replication System (CRS)
    Internet Address Book Server (ABS)
    Internet Chat Server (Chat)
    Internet Locator Server (ILS)
    Membership System (MBSE)
    Membership System Broker (MBSR)
    Membership System authentication proxy for Netscape
    Personalization System (MPS)
    Member Sign-up
  • The status for the MCIS uploads still show as Uploaded. Have yuou have a chance to check them out?
  • Nope, busy, backlogged, large CDs take a while to download/reup, tons of crap uploads slowing things down, one of the mirrors seems to be down that makes posting new stuff problematic, the Tiana hard drive is almost full, and that contrib probably got overlooked anyway.

    Anyway, thanks for uploading, sounds kind of interesting.
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