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I saw this on Instructables the other day: ... ile-Troll/

It seems to be a self-replicating batch file that relaunches itself over and over again (similar to a UNIX fork bomb) until the victim computer runs out of RAM and crashes. Also, you can't re-open Explorer to delete the batch file nor can you open Task Manager to kill it. It seems to be totally harmless (really, nothing happens to System32, I checked myself) and leaves your system untouched upon restart.

If code was added that would automatically move it to the Run at Startup section of the Start Menu, then it would become a real PITA to remove. Also this benign batch file could be paired with malicious code to wreak havoc on someone's system...which is not good.

Overall, it's a troll with potential to become a full blown virus.

I'd like to see what danooct1 thinks of it. Thus the reference to danooct1's naming scheme in the subject line.



  • I have problems with this post.
    1. Files in system32 are not the only thing that can be deleted to kill a system.
    2. "Run at Startup section of the Start Menu" oh, for the love of god...
    3. It's not self-replicating unless more batch files are made.
    4. "with potential to become a full-blown virus" NO. Just... no.
    5. Safe Mode doesn't allow Startup items to be executed on startup, so it's no biggie.
    6. There is no "well, it could be expanded to..." because it's a BATCH file. It cannot be made complex enough to do things on its own unless it just downloads the ACTUAL virus and runs it, wich still doesn't make the script malware, just a downloader.
  • Just the standard script-kiddie stuff that only serves to give the "warm-fuzzy feeling" of accomplishment that they just made a "virus." By security definitions this is not a virus, but a general unwanted prank script.
    I'm not about to go criticize every detail in that instructable either, as there are plenty more where those came from.

    This prank has been floating around for probably longer than you've been alive.
    If it had potential to be a true virus, it would've happened by now.
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