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I have a sound blaster audigy LS and i looking for the game port driver for it. I have windows 10 and microsoft done away with the driver for that port. My windows is 64 bit and 32 bit driver won't work with it. I been looking all over the internet for it and i keep getting the same 32 bit drivers. I even tried windows xp 64 bit driver and it's just a 32 bit driver. the driver i get offline is just a gameport.inf driver. So i was wondering if anybody know out there how to get windows 10 64 bit to install a driver for it? thanks


  • Try using the driver that Vista might have. I'm not sure if Vista still had support for GamePorts in the x64 version but if it does that driver should work.... Ive been looking into the same thing with my SBLive just so I can use the GamePort so I'll post an update if I find anything.
  • Vista on doesn't support gameports. You can try to add the driver, but it won't take.
  • windows xp was the last version to have the game port driver. microsoft never made a 64 bit version of the driver and sound blaster drop it too with windows xp. you can get a usb to game port adapter on newegg for $23.00. here the link ... -_-Product So i guess i not going be able to do it. Thank for the help guys and girls.
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