Are these Windows 1 drivers?

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Based on the pre-2.0 dates and install script, I'm guessing these are Windows 1.x drivers but the readme doesn't actually say:

It says it contains drivers for:
Conographics ConoVision 1440
Moniterm Viking I
Sigma Color 400
STB HT Chauffer
STB Multi Res
Tseng EVA
Video-7 Vega Deluxe with NEC Multisync Enhanced Color display
Vermont Microsystems Inc. Image Manager 1024
Wyse WY-700 High Resolution Display Adapter

Of course I don't have any of these cards to try out. (Might just see if the video 7 drivers does anything on a Video 7 VGA)


  • It looks like they are Windows 1.x drivers, according to this page on ToastyTech: It mentions the Image Manager 1024 and the Wyse WY-700.
  • I guess driver is considered for Windows 1.01 - 1.03.

    I don't know it works on Windows 1.04 or 2.0x.
  • Ok, looking closer the setup batch file is designed for use with Windows 1.03. The drivers might technically work under other versions but the setup batch doesn't quite like them.

    And the Video 7 EGA driver here does not quite work with the Video 7 VGA card.
  • Someone took IM1024.DRV and made driver for PCem based solely on that.

    Pretty hard to know how exactly should it work given that noone have the right hardware... but at least now we know that Windows 1.0 HAD support for 256 colors:

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    The im1024 isn't in the setup list :'(

  • What? Add the driver to you installation floppy so it will be in the list!

  • I really want a wyse wy-700 or amdek 1280 (same thing). There was a monitor on eBay about a year ago, but it was listed as not working, I assume because they didn’t have the matching video card to make it work. There are two video cards listed right now, but of course they are kind of pricey.

  • Fixed, i putted in manually

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    My photo shown above is from 86box :D

  • but its sad that are not roms for 86Box or PCem of Conoraphics ConoVision 1440 and Moniterm Viking I, so i cannot try these cards :'(

  • ROMs alone don't provide working emulation.

  • i copied sigma 400 roms from PCem to 86Box roms/video/sigma and it works
    I thought it would work like that

  • Someone still has to implement the actual functionality of the card in the emulator...

  • @ComputerHunter said:
    What? Add the driver to you installation floppy so it will be in the list!

    Do you have a flatter resolution, how did you do it? I don't have that flat.

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