Sony GDM-5402

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I got a Sony GDM-5402, it worked 1ce, I changed inputs, and now it's got a bunch of lines and wont work at ALL.

Any ideas?



  • I got a little motto, "don't fix it if it aint broke"
  • Well now it IS broke, so how do I fix it?

  • ahould have thought of that a head of time :)
  • Put the old parts back in.
  • TCPMeta wrote:
    Put the old parts back in.

    HOW? I never took anything OUT, this is a CRT monitor!

  • Oh, I thought it was a PC not the monitor. Try opening up the monitor (Do not touvh the cable that goes to the TUBE!!! It can killy you!!!) and mess around with the pots.
  • I've been told that before, but what do I 'mess around' with?

  • Theres little copents that look like screws, they're used for brightness, screen size color, etc etc etc...
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