[OFFER] Ubuntu Linux 5.10 (from authentic pressed CD)

Hello everyone,

I have had a copy of Ubuntu 5.10 (the official pressed disc set) in my possession for a while, and I'm interested in uploading it here. Would there be any interest in this?

I have media scans as well. Go to my Abandonware Archive (READ: link is in my signature) and go to the Media Scans folder. The two files are called:
    - ubuntu_front_scan.pdf - ubuntu_discs_scan.pdf


  • Completely off-topic I know but, I noticed that this thread already garnered over 13,000 views. What the heck happened there? :shock:

    Anyway, interesting offer though. I've always wondered of what Ubuntu was like back in its early days, when I only knew of its Unity interface and such in modern times.
  • I did a quick look at overall google analytics and found nothing out of the ordinary. I did not do any direct queries on this topic since there's like 3-4 URL combinations that could potentially be registered.
  • stitch wrote:
    and found nothing out of the ordinary

    Then it's most certainly a glitch, which is what I thought was the case.

    But anyway, I've contributed it through the contribution form and it's been uploaded. Take a look at it and tell me how it is.
  • Can't this still be downloaded through the Ubuntu FTP?
  • 66659hi wrote:
    Can't this still be downloaded through the Ubuntu FTP?

    Yes. But the version on Ubuntu's old releases server may slightly differ from the one that shipped on CD. Besides, there is no guarantee that Canonical (the company who makes Ubuntu) will keep these old releases on their servers forever.
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