iMovie 3 closes unexpectingly

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Hello everyone, Windows7User2010 once again with adventures in the Mac OS X Tiger world. I have an iMac G3/600 Graphite edition Summer 2001 that got its hard drive replaced with a 30GB in place of the 40GB due to the drive having issues way beyond repairs.

I'm trying to import footage from my Sony DCR-TRV260 HandyCam to imovie so that I can later on make DVDs from the Digital8 tapes for home movies.

iMovie 3 quits unexpectingly since the HDD has inadequate space, which maybe the reason why, but I'm attempting to capture footage over the network to my Windows desktop, and it's still crashes. My iMac G3/600 has 768MB SDRAM installed and the error exception is EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x00001) and KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x00001) at 0x0539d078.

I'll post the rest of the report on this site if the app crashes again. I repaired the permissions for the ./Library directory, however, the hard drive and partition has no errors whatsoever since the HDD I have installed came from a Pentium 4 computer. Might as well try to find a bigger HDD for the system either internally or externally (both would suffice).

Edit: repaired the permissions on the HDD, and all is well.
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