ThinkPad not booting right

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I got an IBM ThinkPad at a yard sale for $3, and I just tried it today. It boots up, but doesn't get into Windows, and one of the menus of the BIOS causes it to freeze. I can tell that it's a PII system. Anyone know what could be wrong? PSU? I did use the wrong PSU (It was the closest one I had and it worked).


  • Which model of ThinkPad did you get?
  • We need more info than just this, What BIOS menu? It could be a bad HDD and you were on the boot menu. I don't know, you aren't specifying anything. It could be that it can't draw enough current from the PSU to do anything but just basic BIOS functions due to downclocking. Again, I can't know without any information.

    And I'm seconding Erito's question, I have no idea what model it is either.

    It could also be bad RAM, swap that before you swap hard disk drive because RAM is likely cheaper and is almost always easier to replace than to replace the HDD. (That being said, it's still incredibly easy to replace a HDD)
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