Inconsistent names

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I noticed that some downloads are bringing file with a different name format as used by almost all the files on this web-site. For example:

'MS-DOS 2.11 [NCR Decision Mate V] (5.25-350k).7z'
'MS DOS 2.11 [Commodore OEM] [German] (5.25).7z'

when I was expecting to see

'Microsoft MS-DOS 2.11 [NCR Decision Mate V] (5.25-350k).7z'
'Microsoft MS-DOS 2.11 Professional Computer OEM r2.13].7z' <== This one is even missing the media type
'Microsoft MS DOS 2.11 [Commodore OEM] [German] (5.25).7z'

...and many others

Is there any way that I can help to fix this?


  • Interesting. Is the Commodore company mentioned in your post the same one that made the Commodore 64 and 128?
  • Yes, Commodore made a few PC compatibles. The first were 8088-based systems and the last ones were 80386-based.
  • The way the Winworld database is set up, there is no good way to rename the actual files. I'd basically have to re-upload them with a new name, and purge the old ones.

    Eventually, I might do a mass renaming, as that would only require manually touching everything once. There is, however, still the issue that most of the 7zips also contain the folder name within the archive itself (that is the default behavior of 7zip).

    Unfortunately, I make a lot of fat-fingered typos in the file names (like 350k) and fail to notice until the split second after I press the "link file" button.

    Also, sometimes minute naming differences don't really stand out until they are lined up with the other file names.

    I have been slowly adding media types to many of the download descriptions, but I have to look inside each file.

    What would probably be a good idea is on the mirror selection page to show the actual file name, so there is no surprise when it is a bit different. Been meaning to toy with that.
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