FTP, Signup, GC status

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Just a little site status update about what is currently working or not working: At the moment, there is a permissions issue preventing normal users from uploading via the FTP. Please be patient.

Stitch has temporarily disabled new user sign ups. I believe this is because he is planning to migrate the forum to a new version of PHPBB, at which time it should be re-enabled. Even if he does re-enable before then, it may be on and off. Please be patient.

That is probably why it has been quiet around here lately :P

The General Communications form e-mail is finally working again. But there is currently a problem preventing us from responding. We will try to respond to intelligent GC e-mails when this is resolved. Just a reminder: we ignore any spam, gibberish, rude, vague, or stupid messages. We may also ignore messages that should have been posted on the forum instead. The main purpose of the GC form is to aid users who can not get logged in or signed up. We can not check this regularly, so do not expect an instant response.


  • Ack, and it looks like the Naveen mirror may be down at the moment again. Remember to try another mirror if one does not work.
  • The FTP issue has been resolved and signups have been enabled again.
  • Ok, all of the above seems to be working well at the moment.

    Just an FYI for anyone trying to sign up with an @att.net e-mail address, it seems they are blocking Winworldpc.com e-mails. Please complain to your provider, and use a different e-mail system.
  • SomeGuy, are you running Pale Moon with uBlock? Or is that some other some guy?

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