[OFFER] Toshiba T1960CS System Disks

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I've got a Toshiba Satellite T1960CS that I picked up at a flea market a few years back. It still had the tools on the hard drive for creating the system installation disks (DOS, Windows, drivers, etc.), so I made a set. I'm making some WinImage backups of them right now if anybody wants me to upload. Not sure how they would all be labeled/categorized, though.


  • Why don't you put them on Google Drive or somewhere so that someone can have a look and see if they're okay for WinWorld? (Suggestion: If they can't be uploaded here, try contributing them to archive.org)
  • Sure, here's the whole bundle if anybody wants to check it out. 17 disk images, 13 MB compressed.

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4zR_c ... sp=sharing

    Don't know if the DOS and Windows installation images are any different from any other OEM version, but the driver disks are definitely Toshiba-specific.

    I've also got all the system disks for the Libretto 50CT if anybody wants me to give those the same treatment.
  • Thanks for offer the nice stuff form your collection.

    I'll check all disk images later.
  • Thank you very much for sharing these. OEM discs are extremely rare to find nowadays.

    If you don't mind, I would like the Libretto data, please. Even though I have a Libretto 110CT, I think it can still be useful for that model.
  • Alright, Libretto 50CT system disks:

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4zR_c ... sp=sharing

    Interestingly, the disk backup tool didn't have images for Windows 95 itself. I'm guessing it deleted those automatically after the first time they were backed up in a really weak attempt at copy protection.

    But Windows 95 disk images are a dime a dozen; the important part is all the driver disks, which were all present. This has 14 disks, just under 9 MB compressed.

    - Audio & video drivers
    - DOS mouse driver
    - Documentation
    - Power management drivers/tools
    - QFE (No idea what this is; the disk just has a few .VXDs and a DMF writer)
    - TranXit (Sync tool, sort of like LapLink)
  • Once again, thank you very much for sharing these.

    I took a look at the disks. There are a few things I could use for my Libretto 110CT in case it needs a refresh.

    And taking the opportunity here, do you have any Compaq spare OEM disks in your possession you could share?
  • Slightly unrelated:

    I happen to have a Gateway 2000 system/rescue disk in my possession (It came with a family member's old computer back in the day). It's already been dumped, so if you need it, just ask. :)

    The disk is essentially a minimal MS-DOS 6.22 bootdisk with CD-ROM drivers and a text-based interface that helps you re-install Windows 95 (that's the OS the system came with). It doesn't work in VirtualBox ("Error in CONFIG.SYS line 3") but in my tests on actual hardware (a Dell Latitude laptop from the early 2000s) it worked fine. Just have your Windows 95 installation disc handy.

    I tried to contribute this to the Library but it was rejected. I don't think WinWorld wants or needs a sea of OEM disks flowing into the Library-- it would be unnecessary pressure on the mirrors (and the admins who would need to review the submissions).

    P.S. If someone just wants the bundled Toshiba ATAPI CD-ROM driver (a single .SYS file) just ask and I will extract it from the disk dump for you. :)
  • cmarquez wrote:
    And taking the opportunity here, do you have any Compaq spare OEM disks in your possession you could share?

    I don't have much in the way of Compaq stuff, I'm afraid. Just a Presario tower with a 3 GHz Celeron from around 2006, and I'm not sure if that even came with a physical restore disc. It had XP Home preinstalled (I fixed that).
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