Time for a RAM upgrade?

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Everything on the Pack-Mate III is now working, which is great.

I have upgraded from PC-DOS 3.3 to MS-DOS 6.22 and from Windows 286/2.11 to Windows 3.0.

Windows 3.0 actually runs pretty good, and it leaves me with about 100k more free RAM (memory) than Windows 286/2.11 did, ironically.

However, the modem says 1991 on it, so this is a very early 90's system, I'd say.

According to this info about it's motherboard, it can do up to a max of 4mb of ram, and it uses 30 pin SIMM ram, at 100ns, and something about a "9".

I found this on ebay:

http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Memory-SIMM-30pi ... SwEzxYahjE

I am wondering if this'd be compatible ram, as if it is, I'll buy it, it's inexpensive, and free shipping.

If not, I will have to continue my search.


  • I see the listing ended. Did you buy it?

    The main compatibility issue with old RAM, other than whatever size your board will support, is the speed. It came in 80ns (may work only on very old boards), 70ns (most common) and 60ns (which might not work on older boards), and maybe others I forget. Generally not a good idea to mix speeds, and some boards are fussy about it. When in doubt try 70ns.

    However I just added RAM to an old HPLaserJet 4MP (which takes 72pin SIMMs) and it was only happy with 60ns. Threw a weird error with 70ns sticks.

    I have a whole boxful of tested-good 30pin and 72pin RAM, more than I'll ever use -- when I find my old test board again (still in a box somewhere after moving) so I can ID what's what, I should bundle it up and make it available.
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