VOIP & 14.4k Modems

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My modem in the packard bell is working perfectly.

My family still has a traditional POTS analog phone line, however, we are planning to switch VOIP soon, we already upgraded our internet a week ago, which is part of a two piece package.

I've seen people say and post videos on YouTube about using a modem through VOIP, most of them work, though at a speed much lower than 56k. I've seen some people use some kind of converter box with cat5e or cat6 whatever cables at the other end.

As I said, the modem I have is from 1991, and I remember reading somewhere that it is 14.4k, however, when I do make connections, I always connect at 2400baud.

When we do switch to VOIP, we will get unlimited calling across Canada, and very cheap US calling (under $0.02/minute), which'd be good for me as I am Canadian, and I cover any US dialling I would do as that'd more than cover the charge, even if i was connected to a US BBS for 720 hours/30 days, as I calculated that'd be a little under $9.

So the free in canada, and cheap for the US long distance will be a great plus for me. However, what should I know? Should I expect it to work, are there some adopters or anything I'd need?

EDIT: I just found out that dialling #99 might help, but that's for dialling an access point, not a BBS or I guess it could be essentially the same thing? no?


  • Twiggy wrote:
    My modem in the packard bell is working perfectly. ............

    Dialing into Dial up internet, or anything else like a BBS should just work , and as you say with at a lower phone. I use Google Voice with a CISCO IP phone, and when I want to use dial up or anything that needs connected through a phone , I use POTS adapter , Which I can configure with the CISCO IP phone, because I can't figure that out , I use a OBI device . like a OBI 200. Google Voice is of course free.
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