This is really gay....

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OK, so, I have 1.1 GB free on my laptop. I attempt to copy of 700 MB movie from my main PC, and near the end it says "Out of Disk Space" and deletes the partially done file. What the fuck? Any ideas?



  • Empty the recycling bin

  • Q wrote:
    Empty the recycling bin


    HaH! Thats probably it!
  • No, when its in the recycling bin, Windows will count it as using space.
  • Yea, aside from the fact I emptied it right before copying the file.
  • defragment the drive?
  • Run chkdsk and see exatcly how big it is, and run scandisk too, maybe lost files that are clogging stuff up.

  • Its Win 98 - Scandisk!
  • can you try using double space or somethin?

    WTF are you THINKING!?


    PS. MS dropped that years ago, I think 98 was the last to have whole drive compression.
  • With NTFS compression you can compress an entire drive.
  • Alright, I still don't like it though. And DoubleSpace, UGH!

    I'd definately run chkdsk to ensure that there aren't lost file fragments hanging around.

  • what about the swapfile it might have used it for temp space whilst copying the movies accross....
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