FreeDOS on Netwk

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Does anyone know how to get a FreeDOS (B9p4) machine on a Ethernet network?

Any helps/infos will be welcome.



  • does it have a built in network client or wont MS LANMAN work?
  • I don't think it has a built in one yet...

  • "OpenDOS" (AKA) DR-DOS comes with Novell Netware Client.

    Not sure if FreeDOS has one. If not then just use LanMan or MS-Clients.
  • Right, but how?


    PS. I need like a step/step thing, I'm not too smart with DOS netwking.
  • Install DOS and your drivers.

    Ok, if you have a newer nic and if it has the floppy or CD that came with it look for a directory on it for NDIS or NDIS2 and there should be a directory in there that says OS2 and DOS. Ofcorse you want the DOS drivers so copy thoughs to the harddrive say C:\TEMP.

    Now install MS-Clients 3.0 and when it asks for what nic you have select unsupport and tell it to use the drivers from C:\TEMP.

    Its very simple, if you have any problems I can set you up. Just tell me what nic you have and what version of DOS you want to use and i'll make it and add a installer.
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