[OFFER] Apple II Desktop

I think it's a gui for the Apple IIe. I found while browsing an FTP server of old Apple stuff. Would it be acceptable?


  • I just uploaded it now.
  • Please don't upload things that are already publicly available on the internet. Please DO, however, discuss them on the forum. And please DO grab copies of other archives, where possible, just in case they go 404. (Where exactly did you find this file? Not that it is uncommon)

    We do have a few Apple II items on Winworld, but I would prefer new additions to have proper disk dumps and scans.

    What you uploaded was in shrinkit format, which is not much use here.

    If we can get original disk dumps and scans, especially with manual scans, that would be awesome. I happen to know one version of Apple II Desktop floating around out there is actually from the early Apple IIGS GS/OS 3.5" disks, in which case it is the GS/OS disk that needs to be archived.
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