Gateway Communications G/Ethernet Controller

edited August 2017 in Hardware
I have a Gateway Communications G/Ethernet Controller in Slot 1 on an IBM PS/2 Model 53 (9553-0B7) and it is recognized by the system. I found the proper ADF file (@6018.ADF) and copied that to the Reference Disk for this model PS/2. I am running DOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11, I also have the Microsoft TCP/IP stack disk and will install that once I get the windows driver for this network card. I have a transceiver connected and a live CAT-5 network cable plugged into it, and the card is working and power, polarity, and link lights are on. At the BIOS level, this adapter is working/recognized.

My question is, I have scoured the web for the Windows 3.1 (or 3.11) driver for this ethernet adapter and have come up empty. Does anyone happen to have the drivers for this adapter card or know someone who might?

I would be very grateful for any assistance or guidance. Thank you.
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