Coax - RF - Coax signal degradation

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My Atari Video Computer System (from before they started calling it the 2600), came with a converter box that takes the RCA jack, and converts it to rf, and also allows you to connect a coax cable form your antenna, or VCR or whatever.

I have noticed that there seems to be a littler interference as I get these white fuzzy lines that come and go really fast. Not really lines, but you know what I mean.

When I have my coax cable connected directly from my VCR to my TV, the signal quality and crustal clear, and there is no interference.

This gets me thinking that it being converted from race, to RF, and then to Coax is what is degrading the signal quality.

I am thinking of getting an RCA F to Coax M adapter, to have only one conversion, but with that I wouldn't be able to allow my VCR to also be connected, and I'd have to wait for it to be shipped from online, as I can't find any for sale in my locality.

Is there something I could do, in order to increase the signal strength and/or quality?


  • Go on eBay and find one of those converters that you plug the Atari cable into and screw it into the coax barrel. They also make a switch for coax inputs. It looks like a standard splitter with a lever sticking out of it. Hook your antenna into one side and the Atari into the other; that way you won't have to move the TV and unscrew cables when you want to play the game. This is technology from 1977 you're dealing with. The signals from old game consoles are prone to interference, take one apart and view the glorious RF shielding everywhere. Unless you want to record gameplay with the VCR, hook the console up to the TV with as few boxes and converters in the way as possible.
  • Actually...
    Have you tried the TV/VCR switch that is 89.84982749 likely to be on your VCR?
    If it is on VCR mode it does that.

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