LG repair centre experience

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A few days ago my LG Nexus 5x bootlooped and since I was still under warranty, I've sent the phone back. I've heard of horror stories about how LG tries to avoid repairing your phone, I've currently haven't had a reply from the LG repair centre yet (even though according to the package tracker, they've should have received it by now.) I'm just wondering about your LG repair stories: Did it runs smoothly? Did LG screw up the repair? Or did LG just tried not to repair it?

The LG Bootloop problem affects LG phones released between 2015 to 2016 with the first cases with the LG G4 then later the V10 and Nexus 5x. There are some reports of the G5 and V20 also developing this issue however they're not as widespread as the ones that affect the G4, V10 and 5x. The bootloop is caused by a hardware problem, some sources say that it's due to bad soldering, however, other sources showed it was caused by failed CPU cores in the Snapdragon 808/810 SOC.
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