alternate APM driver for windows 3.1?

edited August 2017 in Hardware
I have this laptop that has a Cyrix MediaGXM processor, and when I try to install windows 3.1 with APM enabled ( MS-DOS System with APM ) setting in custom install , Windows 3.1 Installation freezes after the 2nd floppy , on the screen where you type your information at. I do know it does support APM 1.2 . I am wondering if it is a incompatibility with the Cyrix Processor and the APM driver in windows 3.1 , What I know is the APM driver was programmed by Intel , and I suspect for Intel processors only. I am wondering if there is a alternate APM driver for windows 3.1 or something like that? or a way to get the driver with windows 3.1 to work? Windows 3.1 does work fine without APM driver installed.
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