PCI video card doesn't want to work?

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The Acer Acros has finally been fixed, and it works now.

It works as long as I use the onboard video that is.

When I install my ATI Mach 64 PCI video card, nothing shows up on screen and the monitor is always on stand by. It doesn't matter wheter the vga cable is plugged into the onboard vga port or into the video card, even - still nothing on screen.

I suspect the computer needs to be told to use the video card instead of the onboard video, I checked in the BIOS, and there seems to not be a way to do it.

I'm lost here.


  • I've found the drivers for the onboard video, but I would prefer to use my ATI card.
  • Here's the Acros, waiting for DOS to be installed!


    Yes, I know the CD-ROM drive is black and clashes with it.

    I will eventually vinyl-dye it white.

    I won't be swapping drives out because that's what caused problems for the technician that fixed it.

    He literally had it fixed, then he swapped the Hard Drive and the CD-ROM drive around, and it broke again, and he had to fix it a second time.

    That's why I am going to keep the drive in, and just vinyl-dye the outside white.
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