[OFFER] A bunch of stuff I found

I was cleaning out my house a bit when I found a box with a bunch of disks in it. They all held installers for pretty old programs; I tested them on a XP VM and they were all pretty functional. They were:
DesignWare Landscape v1.3
A program with pictures of a bunch of plants, pools, pavers and other things for land/hardscape preloaded to be able to show designs to customers digitally.
The disk says copyright 1998, so I can assume it's abandonware. It seems to be made for Win98 but for some reason XP worked great. Comes with Lotus ScreenCam for tutorials.

Digital Photo Frame\Photo Viewer v1.01
This one didn't seem to work on XP, but I can assume it's basically a on-PC version of the digital slideshow picture frames.
It specifies that it's free software and that it comes with PC Link, but I hadn't seen that.
[Update from future me: It doesn't work on 95 either. Rip]
[Update 2: The installer was made with an unregistered version of ClickTeam Install Creator :/]

JVC Video Community
This one's... eh, interesting...
The disk has some radical WordArt (that's why I figured this was pretty abandoned by now) on the disc and features two included programs: MOVIEWOW! v2.0 (Edit/add effects to videos and get a free 10 second watermark at the end) and MugShots games (the logo uses comic sans The main gimmick is that it lets you put your own "Mugshots" (pics of your face) in the game and morph them or play a Memory clone with them, than be asked to unlock the full version.).

ImageMixer v1.7
Record/organize/edit videos and mess around with premade pictures. This one's not bad.

SHARP YO_ZQ-P20 Desktop Utilities
This one's disk just says Software CD-ROM :-|
I originally thought you could use this to back up your computer\specific files or something like that, but it's trying to open a serial port so I guess not.
Also it needs PC Link, so I guess it's good that I installed these all together.

I have pictures of all of these disks if anyone wants those, and I've got the ISOs for all of them.

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