[REQUEST] Internet Explorer 3.0 (128-bit SSL Version)

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone have a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0-3.03 (16 or 32 bit) that included the 128-bit cryptography engine? Microsoft's website on the Internet Archive has the update packs for IE 4 and 5, but the IE 3 download was hidden behind a questionnaire that checked eligibility. My understanding is that a browser re-installation was necessary to enable it with IE 3.

I have searched the internet but have struggled to find it, mainly because I don't know what filename to look for. Even the readme for the export version says:
For the 40-bit version of Internet Explorer, the name of the download file is Dlmin30c.exe. For the 128-bit version, you determine the file name at the time you download it.
It might be called ms128.exe. However the only file I could find with that name was actually NT 4 SP4 for Alpha platforms.

The export restrictions were lifted in 2000 so I don't think there'll be a problem legally, but I completely understand if the admins close the thread.

Many thanks for reading.


  • I have never knew that 128 bit existed for those versions of internet explorer existed. So can I have the internet archive website for the update packs for 128 bit encryption? I am also trying to find the 128 bit version of explorer 3 as well. I can't seem to find the microsoft website on internet archive at all yet.

    Update : I found the internet archive of the microsoft website , You are right it is ms128.exe, Found the proof right here https://secure.tmico.com/secu_ie.htm
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