Microsoft Office XP (2002 Beta)

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imageMicrosoft Office XP (2002 Beta)

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  • When Office XP & Windows XP will get legal for everyone...

  • About 2096. Not kidding. Contact your lawmakers if you don't like it.

  • He's just kidding. Maybe in 2025 or 2026 when Windows 10 loses its "official support" (Or when ReactOS will become more popular than Windows, it may happen at the same time)

  • In other words, don't expect it for a long time.

  • I just want clippy 👌

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    Office 97 has him too.

    But the RC must be very close to the final version anyway, though it may be timebombed.

    Beta 1 can officially run on Windows 95. And it is possible that the final version could be forced to run on 95 as well, just like how 2003 has been shoehorned onto 98SE/Me.

  • What's the difference between B2 and RC? Like what do they stand for?
  • they made Windows 11 just to spite Armando
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